Play fantasy football on Real11

What is Fantasy Football?

A game that requires users to create their fantasy teams based on definite standards from a group of players scheduled to compete in the live football match on the given day. Participants usually need to pay an entry fee to enter a fantasy contest. Once you have deposited the administrative fee charged by the platform operator, you can draft your team and enter the desired contest. The entry fee is typically pooled for distribution among the platform users depending on their performance. Based on that, the users are rewarded points. Users gain points according to the score sheet and the performance of their selected players (fantasy team) in the actual match.

Here’s why you should choose Real11!

Real11 facilitates you with the best online fantasy fantasy platform where you can enhance your gaming experience and win real cash with the help of your football knowledge. From the process of downloading to withdrawing your winning amount, Real11 will provide you with the smoothest gaming experience.

Following a few of the many reasons why you should choose Real11:

  • Lower entry fees as compared to other fantasy football platforms.
  • Easy registration/sign up process.
  • Bonus is usable even in the small leagues.
  • Quick deposit and withdrawal process.
  • Better & Friendly UI to compete in global fantasy football leagues.
  • Up to 50% cash bonus is usable.
  • Get referral bonus, surprise bonus and deposit bonus.
  • Varieties of practice, private and paid contests.

Besides these, there are many other reasons which make Real11 one of the finest fantasy football platforms.

How to Play Fantasy Football Games Online?

Fantasy football has grown rapidly among the Indian users in recent years. The prime reason for its high popularity is how easily you can take part in fantasy football leagues. The process is also very simple and easily accessible to every user.

  1. Download the Real11 app for playing fantasy football.
  2. Register yourself with your phone number and Email ID.
  3. Pick a match and start building your fantasy teams.
  4. Carefully assign your captain and vice-captain.
  5. Join the contests as per your convenience.
  6. Sit back, relax and enjoy the live-match.

That’s it! The process of playing fantasy football is just like any other fantasy game genre. You’ll need to have the relevant knowledge of the sport along with a meticulous pre-researched game plan. Play fantasy football, win cash daily and become a part of the biggest football community by taking part in fantasy football leagues.

How to Play Fantasy Football on Real11?

Real11 is one of the fastest growing India’s fantasy football platforms which allows their users to play fantasy football in the most convenient way. Real11 app offers the top-class experience to the fantasy football lovers and enhances their gaming experience with every match. It’s really easy to play fantasy football on Real11 app:

1: Register

Install the Real11 app and register yourself via your phone number and OTP.

2: Select the match

Select a match where you want to showcase your skills by creating fantasy teams.

3: Form your team:

Create your fantasy teams after researching about the recent performances of the players

4: Join contests:

Finally, join the contests with your fantasy teams – practice, private and paid contests

5: Track the fantasy points:

Once the real-life match starts, keep tracking the fantasy points of your team.

If you’re a new joiner then before creating your fantasy team, go through with the fantasy points system and build the strongest fantasy team for the upcoming match.

How to win Fantasy Football games on Real11?

The platform of Real11 app gives equal opportunities to every user, where each user is capable of winning real money with their skills and knowledge about football. On the Real11 app, the users feel so homely and connected that their gaming experience gets better after each match. But if you want to stand out in a crowd, then follow some guidelines to increase your chances of winning.

  • Create your fantasy teams after a thorough research about players’ recent performances. Investing some time in research will automatically help you stand out in a crowd.
  • Be unique with your ideas and team combinations, always pick a few unique and good players in your fantasy team.
  • Don’t follow favouritism. Pick players according to their recent performances instead of just creating a team of your favourite players.
  • Fantasy football gives an opportunity to the users to use their skill set and build their fantasy team, so always listen to your intuition and make your fantasy football teams.
  • If you’re not sure about your understanding, then you can join the practice contests and analyse your performance. We always say that, “Practice makes the person perfect” and on Real11, we actually help our users to practice and then make the best use of their skillset.

This game involves an element of financial risk and may be addictive. Please play responsibly at your own risk.
This game is applicable for people 18+ only.