Play Fantasy Kabaddi on India's most trusted fantasy sports platform

Kabaddi lovers are in for a treat with the Kabaddi fantasy leagues on the Real11 platform. After fantasy cricket, football and ludo, Real11 is thrilled to bring India’s very own Kabaddi to its online gaming sphere. Now, enjoy your favourite local sport at your one stop destination to fantasy sports.

What is Fantasy Kabaddi?

Fantasy Kabaddi is an online tactic based variant of the contact team sport. This sport is quite popular in the Indian subcontinent and other surrounding asian nations. It calls for lightning quick speed, blistering agility and nimble thinking at all times. However, with Real11 by your side, you don’t have to worry a bit. Create your fantasy team on the Real11 app, join contests and avail for massive winnings!

Major benefits of playing online fantasy kabaddi

The ecstasy of playing online kabaddi is simply beyond any description because in general the concept of fantasy allows normal people or fans to get supremely engaged and closer to the sport that they absolutely love. Same is the case with fantasy kabaddi that can be played on Real11. The following are a few key benefits of playing online fantasy kabaddi:

  • Get closer to the actual game of kabaddi through online fantasy kabaddi.
  • Utilise your comprehensive understanding of the game to earn exciting cash rewards.
  • Save yourself from the baseless debates, encash on online fantasy kabaddi daily.
  • Get special discounts and deals daily!
  • Exclusive chance to be featured on the Real11 fantasy sports social media pages if you’re one of our grand winners.

Here’s why you should choose Real11 to play Fantasy Kabaddi Online.

Fantasy Kabaddi online on Real11 brings a garden-fresh and crisp perspective to online fantasy kabaddi in the realm of fantasy sports. Playing online fantasy kabaddi on Real11 is not only super easy and convenient but also hugely rewarding.

Here a few reasons why you should pick Real11:

  1. A Safe, trusted and secure platform
  2. Fast and snappy app
  3. Daily offers and deals
  4. User- Friendly interface with extensive features
  5. Low Entry Fee
  6. Unlimited Referral rewards
  7. Smooth and Hassle free payments
  8. Exciting monthly contests
  9. Fascinating rewards for consistent performers
  10. A dedicated fantasy kabaddi blog that covers recent news, updates and gives you a closer insight into the world of fantasy kabaddi.

How to play online fantasy Kabaddi?

At Real11 we offer you a straight line access to your passion for kabaddi and creating match winning teams. We advise you to thoroughly analyse the game, learn the rules by heart and study each and every player before stepping into the online fantasy kabaddi league. Meticulous research will help you acquire a respectable place within a fantasy contest. Take part in a contest type based on the amount of knowledge you possess. If you are proficient and confident in your skills then opt for paid contests or else polish your skills in practice contests.

Getting started with fantasy kabaddi is super easy. Kindly follow the below mentioned steps to kickstart your online fantasy kabaddi journey:

  1. Signup or login in your Real11 account.
  2. Tap on the kabaddi tab available on the main screen.
  3. Choose the fantasy league/match you want to compete in.
  4. Create teams and enter contests as per your preference.
  5. Join contest, paying the relevant entry fee (if available).

How to play online fantasy Kabaddi on Real11?

Tailored to resemble the actual kabaddi league, Real11 fantasy kabaddi has similar rules. You can easily get familiar with the fantasy kabaddi game by joining, choosing the kabaddi tab on Real11. If you are acquainted with the game of skill then playing fantasy kabaddi is a cakewalk for you. Just like any other online tactic based game, this game also requires you to create a fantasy team (7 players), assign captain and vice captain then finally join contests as per convenience.

For more detailed information, refer to the how to play section

How To Win Fantasy Kabaddi Games On Real11

Winning a fantasy kabaddi game requires in-depth knowledge, persistence and patience. We offer a transparent process of declaring contest winners based on the points gained via the selection of players and their respective performances in real matches. This is applicable across all contest categories/variants.

Secondly there are various payable positions in a league. This information is game specific and always pre-disclosed on the Real11 app. Please note that you’ll only win a prize if you fall in that bracket.

This game involves an element of financial risk and may be addictive. Please play responsibly at your own risk.
This game is applicable for people 18+ only.