Real11 Fantasy Sports is devoted to responsible gaming and, as a part of its corporate social responsibility, suggests its users adhere to the responsible gaming practices as mentioned in the Real11 Responsible Gaming Guide. At Real11 Fantasy Sports, we are committed to making sure that our users have an exciting, entertaining, safe, secure and responsible gaming experience. Thus, we’ve imposed a strict Responsible Gaming Policy. Real11 appreciates your love and passion towards gaming. As a result we have devised certain guidelines so that you play your game at peace and excel at it. Our project that is player focused, Responsible Gaming for Fantasy Sports, incorporates a list of precisely developed guidelines that you must stick to. We strive to make each day more productive and thrilling for you through our fantasy sports. Following are the salient elements of our fantasy sports responsible gaming policy:

Following are a few of the best practices to assist you play responsibly:

Here are a few indicators that will help you find out if you’re not playing responsibly. Do you do any of the following?

Responsible gaming requires cooperation between you and us. As a result, we urge that you please exercise caution and completely read our Responsible Gaming Policy as well as our Terms and Conditions to become aware of the possible loss that may arise as a result of irresponsible behaviour.
This game has the potential to become habit-forming, addictive, or financially dangerous. It is expected that you play responsibly. For additional information or support, please contact our Support Team at